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Home Values - Free House Values

Get Home Values, free house values, a comparative market analysis or a real estate appraisal here. You'll find that home values come in different degrees of accuracy and costs from free house values to a professional appraisal.  Use the table below to determine which home values method is best for you.
There are three ways to get home values:

Pros: Fast, Free Don’t have to volunteer any personal contact info.

Cons: Not all areas covered.  The least accurate of the 3 methods.

Common uses: For people who are curious about the value of their home.

Cost: Free


Get your free home value estimate

Pros:  More accurate than the first option. Available for almost any area.  Because  you are getting this from a local real estate agent, you are getting a better more accurate  value.

Cons:  None

Common Uses:  For people who are serious about selling their house.

Cost:  Free


Pros:  Most accurate.  The only acceptable valuation for real estate transactions.

Cons:  Takes the longest, up to a week or more. There is a fee for a professional real estate appraisal.

Common uses: Required for purchase or refinance.  Also can be used to remove MI  (mortgage Insurance) from a mortgage payment.

Cost: $275-$1000 depending on type of property and area of the country.

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    Home values - free house values